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posted Aug 19, 2012, 12:43 PM by Jan Willem Lindemans   [ updated Aug 20, 2012, 6:54 PM ]
[To the Flemish: please read JW as Jay Double You rather than Yay Way. Just this once. Please. Thank you.]

Have you seen that new orange little icon on the T and JW's diary page?*

Ladies and gentlemen, after having been assigned a Mac, having learnt about the Dock, the Finder and what not, after having made the first steps in blind typing (more blind than typing, but gradual learning is thorough learning), I may now present to you the "Subscribe to post by email" link! Yup! It is not just a standard email subscription link, ready-made in the list of gadgets you can insert on your google site (I probably failed to locate that obvious possibility): It is a Google Feedburner ad hoc burnt email feed, tailor-made. I would almost say "programmed". (Being the son of my father, I SHOULD probably say "programmed".) HTML m*rf*r! 

Now I just hope it works. I just subscribed myself: Clicked on the link, entered my email, opened a confirmation email, click, and THAT'S IT! I'm curious whether I will get an alert for this new post I am typing here. Otherwise I just wasted several hours of "writing code"! (Sure.)

You know, an email notification is just easy for those who "should be reading our diary" but don't wanna go checking every... week. We're writing it irregularly, so I thought that this email thing is handy. But we're encouraged by Ken, who wrote us this morning: "Do keep up your blogging effort, even though it's undoubtedly not always easy to find the time, courage or simply the content to do so." Love it! But you see, Ken, it's not always that difficult to fill up a diary with content. Even something "seemingly" trivial like an email alert can be an excuse for several paragraphs. 

(We're in the States and write about email alerts!)

Anyway, if you want more of this: just push the button!** Go on: It's that orange wave icon, the bigger one, higher.

(Below that, there is also the RSS feed, but if you want to use THAT, you are so technologically advanced that my saying more would be embarrassing.)

* I thank Jan Heylen for pointing out an error in the first version of this post. Being so kind as to comment on my PhD chapters, I guess he is in supervisor mode whenever he reads something from my hand. Remaining errors are mine only.
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